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 Qigong is said to be one of the most powerful healing modalities known to humankind. This places healthcare back in the hands of the individual.

Emei Qigong is the knowledge and practice, based on over 800 years of energy science, that through cultivating a compassionate heart, physical  exercises and movements, helps create clarity and understanding of the Universe so that we can attain gradual or sudden Enlightenment.

Catherine has been recognized since 2000 as a Laoshi (Master) by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, who is the direct 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Chan (Zen) Qigong.  The Chinese sometimes refer to him as the “Emei wizard” and “China’s medical Buddha,” and regard him as “the father of modern medical Qigong.” He is a learned scholar: He has read thousands of books, both Chinese and foreign, and is well versed in the medical, philosophical, and theological theories of different schools, both Eastern and Western. He has published six books and more than 20 treatises in China. He has been made lifetime president of two Qigong institutions, the International Medical Qigong Academy and the Emei Linji International Qigong Medical Research Institute. He holds honorary positions and titles in more than 50 hospitals, medical colleges, Qigong clinics, and Qigong associations in China.

Group Practice

Group Practice - Free (donations appreciated

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Meta-Intelligence and Meta-Enlightenment

“The term Ling or Meta-Intelligence refers to the sensitive perceptibility, acquired through Qigong cultivation, to the Qi information contained in the myriad things in the world. It also refers to the ability of Qigong to conveniently and effectively dissipate disease, protect health, and extend life span. If one can attain such a state of intelligence in life for self and others, Meta-Awareness --which includes the Buddha-like ability to love and capacity for enlightenment -- will be achieved.

“The term Wu or Meta-Enlightenment is a macro (universal and meta-physical) wisdom that comes with ultimate detachment with love, true self-realization and total understanding. It is of a much higher level.

“Meta-Intelligence’s arrival is as free and unpredictable as the cloud.

Meta-Awareness’ delivery is as natural as nature itself.

Mind Enlightenment retreats in past experiences insignificant,

and dawns on their retrieving forces in regards to the future.

“This is The Way.

“This convenient and accessible cultivating pathway opened by Qigong leads to altruism, as well as self-improvement through the cultivation of both mind and body. Only by the detachment from agony and bitterness, by the embodiment of achievement and virtue, by the fusion of meta-intelligence and enlightenment, and by the attainment of grace and serenity, can one obtain the individual macro well-being and pursue the same for all of humanity thereafter.

-- Extract from: Quotations of Ideological System for Macro Well-Being,

Written by: Grandmaster Wei Zhong Fu, May 23rd, 1993

Creator of Da Dao Chan Gong - The Great Way Zen Qigong

The 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Linji Zong Traditional Life Science and Art System


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