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 Qigong is said to be one of the most powerful healing modalities known to humankind. This places healthcare back in the hands of the individual.

Emei Qigong is the knowledge and practice, based on over 800 years of energy science, that through cultivating a compassionate heart, physical  exercises and movements, helps create clarity and understanding of the Universe so that we can attain gradual or sudden Enlightenment.

Catherine has been recognized since 2000 as a Laoshi (Master) by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, who is the direct 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Chan (Zen) Qigong.  The Chinese sometimes refer to him as the “Emei wizard” and “China’s medical Buddha,” and regard him as “the father of modern medical Qigong.” He is a learned scholar: He has read thousands of books, both Chinese and foreign, and is well versed in the medical, philosophical, and theological theories of different schools, both Eastern and Western. He has published six books and more than 20 treatises in China. He has been made lifetime president of two Qigong institutions, the International Medical Qigong Academy and the Emei Linji International Qigong Medical Research Institute. He holds honorary positions and titles in more than 50 hospitals, medical colleges, Qigong clinics, and Qigong associations in China.

Level II Change the Moving Program of Your Life

Emei Training Level II

Changing the Moving Program of Life
Course Outline

Prerequisite: It’s best to take Emei Qigong Level I before taking Level II, to better understand the material. However, it is also possible to take Level II first and then learn Level I.

Six-day Level II seminar includes Level 2 Book

The general course content follows. Please note that, unlike Level I, which includes a great deal of practice time, this class is 80 percent theory: 

1.   Meta-Acupuncture healing method for beginners

      a.   Benefits

      b.   How to do face-to-face healing

      c.   How to do remote healing

      d.   Step-by-step healing session—class practice
            i.     Initial assessment
            ii.    Healing techniques
            iii.   Post-assessment

2.   Rudiment of Four Pillars

      a.   The categorization of the five elements

      b.   The five elements and their correspondences

      c.   Heavenly stems and earthly branches

      d.   What are the four pillars?

3.   The Transformation of the Five Elements

      a.   The giving-birth and restraining cycles

      b.   Counter-giving birth and counter-restraining cycles—explanations, examples and class problem-solving of 15 cycles

4.   Stem and Branch Combinations and Dispositions

      a.   Five combinations of heavenly stems and transformations

      b.   Four conflicts of heavenly stems

      c.   Six combinations of earthly branches

      d.   Trinity combinations of earthly branches

      e.   Six conflicts of earthly branches

      f.   Three punishments (minor conflicts) of earthly branches

      g.   Six harms of earthly branches

      h.   Mutual-destructions of earthly branches

5.   How to adopt the balancing element

      a.   What is the balancing element

      b.   How to determine the balancing element—five considerations for adjusting and balancing

6.   The practice for Changing the Moving Program of Life

      a.   The “five seasons” of practice time and direction

      b.   The preparations before practicing

      c.   The still practice of the Grand Method of Transforming Five Elements Energy

      d.   The moving practice of the Grand Method of Transforming Five Elements Energy

7.   Changing the Moving Program of Life

      a.   The diverse views and attitudes towards the Moving Program of Life

      b.   What is the Moving Program of Life?

            i.     The Moving Program of Life and cause and effect
            ii.    The Moving Program of Life and energy

      c.   Can the Moving Program of Life be changed?


The following chart lists the beginning of the four seasons, as given by Grandmaster Fu.

for 2017
Beginning of Spring February 03 ,  
Beginning of Summer May 05,        
Beginning of Autumn August 07,  
Beginning of Winter November 07,  
for 2018
Beginning of Spring February 04,  
Beginning of Summer May 05,       
Beginning of Autumn August 07       
Beginning of Winter November 07, 
for 2019
Beginning of Spring February 04,  
Beginning of Summer May 06,        
Beginning of Autumn August 08,    
Beginning of Winter November 08,  


Dates for 2014 and beyond will be posted in the future.

Students taking this seminar will receive the original information that Grandmaster Fu's predecessor, Grandmaster Ju Zan, passed down to him. This practice uses both still and moving meditations to change how a person’s energy field aligns and interfaces with energy of the world.

Introduction: Changing the Moving Program of Life

The Moving Program of Life is a complete concept that contains two aspects within it: life and movement. These two aspects can also be expressed as quality and quantity. One is not complete without the other. Life refers to quality—the quality of life. Movement refers to quantity. All the ups and downs that are encountered in a lifetime, the shifts from relative prosperity to relative poverty, from good health to poor health, the transformations that see a smooth stretch of weeks or months or years turning to a bumpy period and then back to smooth stretch again—these can be quantified as many or few. The quality of life and the quantity of movement, taken together, form a program. The quality of human life derives from the energy of the pre-birth five elements. The transformations, the movement from one condition to its relative opposite, come from the energy of the post-birth five elements. The Moving Program of Life, then, is the combined product of the energy of the pre- and post-birth five elements.Consequently, Changing the Moving Program of Life must begin with cultivating the heart and transforming the energy of the five elements.

How do we know this is so? When you recall your past, when you look around at your current surroundings, you’ll find many questions that have no easy answers. If love is the basis for a fulfilling relationship or a happy family life, why is it that two people can fall deeply in love yet eventually come to a heartbreaking parting of the ways? You may believe you gave all your love to another—but all you got in return was pain. If eating nutritious food and exercising is the basis for good health and a long life, why is it that some people who take very good care of themselves fall seriously ill or succumb to an incurable disease? In contrast, there are plenty of people who don’t pay any attention to the quality of their food and don’t exercise at all but wind up living to a ripe old age.

Why is it that two patients can have the same illness and get identical treatment, yet one person gets well and the other dies? Why does one person bounce back from a bout with the common cold, while another person’s cold degenerates into bronchitis or something much worse?Some people believe that psychological health leads to happiness. But a person’s state of mind is influenced not only by the psychological realm but also by physiology, climactic conditions and more—which can lead to unhappiness.

Have you ever been happy one year but sad the next? Were you feeling anguished yesterday but content today—without any specific reason to explain the change? Some people believe that by being careful and precise they can guarantee themselves a peaceful life, but there are plenty of examples of people who have a lot of trouble despite their cautious ways. People like this feel they’re doing everything right, and they’re at a loss to know how to defend themselves against the things that keep going wrong.

There are those who believe that working hard will lead to wealth. But there are many people who work very hard their whole life long, yet never have anything to show for it. At the same time, some people are born wealthy and get to live in ease and comfort, enjoying their privileged status without ever having to lift a finger.Others maintain that intelligence and knowledge will lead to successful careers, the acquisition of riches and public achievement. Yet there are those whose knowledge and skills grow with each passing day, but their fortunes rise and fall like ocean waves.Some people say people who develop relationships with important people will gain wealth and political power. But in this unstable and uncertain world, these relationships are constantly changing, sometimes overnight, sometimes from one year to the next.

Why do a lot of good people end up with nothing or always seem to have bad luck? In contrast, some bad people who do evil things get to enjoy comfortable and prosperous long lives. Why do children have differences in physical abilities and intelligence? If our genes explain these differences, why do children from the same parents have distinct personalities, hobbies, intelligence and physical abilities? Why does one child become sick but not the other siblings? Why do parents sometimes show favoritism to one child? Why do some normal parents have exceptionally smart and cute babies, while some highly educated, intelligent parents have a slow child and some physically attractive parents have ugly children? Why do these kinds of things happen every day?  

How Can We Resolve These Anomalies and Improve the Outcome?

Our lives are based on our unique five elemental dispositions in our pre- and post-birth energies.Pre-birth energy is determined by our past lives, our parents, our time as a fetus and the conditions at the time of our birth. Post-birth energy is from all our thoughts, words and actions since birth. For all of us, our pre-birth energy is fixed, determined by the past up to the moment we were born. There is nothing we can do about any of that. Our post-birth energy, however, is being created in each present moment. There is everything we can do about this. Understanding this alone will release us from being bound by our past and feeling guilt over it. At the same time, it will free us from wonder and fear about the future.

Cultivating the five elements of our post-birth energy can repair and enhance what is weak or lacking in the five elements of our pre-birth energy, enabling us to live in a healthier and happier present. This in turn plants the seed of fulfillment for our future.No matter who you are, from the moment you are born everything travels along the path that was set during the gestation period, which is under the influence and control of the universal energy and the parents’ energies. It is not necessary to place any blame for how things are, nor is it necessary to accept the results as fixed outcomes. But you can see why, before you become a parent, it is best to learn, study and cultivate Emei Qigong principles for as long as possible. No matter who you are, the most important point is to understand that what happens to you now is simply a result of your previous thinking, speaking, actions and past life deeds. Everything that has happened since your birth is a consequence of what came before.

If you want to improve your future, you need to cultivate Emei Qigong methods as soon as possible without doubt or hesitation. To improve the quality of your life, you must transform the energy of the five elements—increasing or decreasing the quantity of movement—and change the Moving Program of Life. This will change the quality of life. When the Moving Program of Life improves, every phenomenon, now or in the future, will also move in a positive direction. The Moving Program of Life is like a driver. This driver has been governing the travels of your body and your heart for a long time, following a particular road that may have run through flatlands or over mountains full of twists and turns and ups and downs.

You may understand what’s gone by or you may still be puzzled by them. But even if you are able to make sense of what has already passed, you may become confused as you move forward because you don’t know where the driver is headed, and the road the driver is following may take a turn that you didn’t see coming. You don’t know whether the road ahead is steep and rugged or straight and smooth—it hasn’t been revealed to you.But after transforming the energy of the five elements, you can trust that the driver will follow a straight, planned route. The heart is driving the car now, carrying the body along, heading to a bright future. When we each become the master of our Moving Program of Life, we will, each one of us, attain freedom.

How to Cultivate?

When one is born, one carries the energies of the five elements, each with different quality and quantity. Some people have the energy of all five elements. Even so, it is usually the case that a certain element’s energy is too strong or too weak, and it is not uncommon for one or two elements to be missing entirely. It may also be that the energies of the five elements are distributed evenly—that is, none of the elements is too strong or too weak. This is the state of having enough proper energy, or balanced energy. When one element’s energy is too strong, it will invade and oppress the energy of the other elements. If the energy of an element is too weak, it will be invaded and oppressed by the energy of the other elements. If it is moderate, it will not invade and oppress others, nor will it by invaded and oppressed by others. The five elements energy is either distributed moderately and evenly within the body, or not. If it is not evenly distributed, the energy is either too strong or too weak.

This leads to different processes and outcomes both in a person’s physiology and psychology and in the communication and merging with outside energy. The movement of energy—ascending, descending, opening and closing—reflects these differences, and this is what people call “fate, the quality of life.” The different stages of the movement and transformation of the five elements energies within the body combine with the movement and transformation of time and space. This combination—the blended movements and transformations—is what people call “fortune—the transformation of movement.” If one has a proper method and applies sincere effort, the question is not whether fate and fortune can be changed but only the extent to which one can change fate and fortune.

The Grand Method has only two paths. The first is to cultivate the heart. The second is to balance the energy of the five elements. Emei Qigong Level I emphasizes the cultivation of heart and helping yourself and others. In Level II, students will be taught the Five Elements balancing method, which results in the moderate and even distribution of the five elements energy in the body and leads to Changing the Moving Program of Life.


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