Emei Qigong

Experience Real Health through Emei Qigong

 Qigong is said to be one of the most powerful healing modalities known to humankind. This places healthcare back in the hands of the individual.

Emei Qigong is the knowledge and practice, based on over 800 years of energy science, that through cultivating a compassionate heart, physical  exercises and movements, helps create clarity and understanding of the Universe so that we can attain gradual or sudden Enlightenment.

Catherine has been recognized since 2000 as a Laoshi (Master) by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, who is the direct 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Chan (Zen) Qigong.  The Chinese sometimes refer to him as the “Emei wizard” and “China’s medical Buddha,” and regard him as “the father of modern medical Qigong.” He is a learned scholar: He has read thousands of books, both Chinese and foreign, and is well versed in the medical, philosophical, and theological theories of different schools, both Eastern and Western. He has published six books and more than 20 treatises in China. He has been made lifetime president of two Qigong institutions, the International Medical Qigong Academy and the Emei Linji International Qigong Medical Research Institute. He holds honorary positions and titles in more than 50 hospitals, medical colleges, Qigong clinics, and Qigong associations in China.

Healing Tools


Emei Linji  Book


large jade

Healing Sounds CD

large jade 


Empowered Blanket
large jadeJade Buddha Pendant
with Beaded Necklace Empowered

large jade


Large Empowered Jade


 Level 1 book - Healing Arts of Emei Qigonglarge jade
Level 1 Healing Arts Book


 large jade

$130  Small Beads  (27” length)

Empowered Carnelian Mala

$130  Huali Mu larger beads


Huali Mu Wrist Mala
(Yellow Flowering Pear Wood)


 Medium Buddha Pendant

No Available


 large jadeWuji Gong CD - Taught by Grandmaster Fu

Wujigong CD


large jade
Wujigong DVD

 Wuji Gong Form Book - by Grandmaster Fu
  large jade
Wujigong Book


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