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Experience Real Health through Emei Qigong

 Qigong is said to be one of the most powerful healing modalities known to humankind. This places healthcare back in the hands of the individual.

Emei Qigong is the knowledge and practice, based on over 800 years of energy science, that through cultivating a compassionate heart, physical  exercises and movements, helps create clarity and understanding of the Universe so that we can attain gradual or sudden Enlightenment.

Catherine has been recognized since 2000 as a Laoshi (Master) by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, who is the direct 13th Lineage Holder of Emei Chan (Zen) Qigong.  The Chinese sometimes refer to him as the “Emei wizard” and “China’s medical Buddha,” and regard him as “the father of modern medical Qigong.” He is a learned scholar: He has read thousands of books, both Chinese and foreign, and is well versed in the medical, philosophical, and theological theories of different schools, both Eastern and Western. He has published six books and more than 20 treatises in China. He has been made lifetime president of two Qigong institutions, the International Medical Qigong Academy and the Emei Linji International Qigong Medical Research Institute. He holds honorary positions and titles in more than 50 hospitals, medical colleges, Qigong clinics, and Qigong associations in China.


Healing Tools, Books, Seminars

If you understand Qi, you will know that empowered objects are important tools for healing. The Emei Qigong Empowered objects are unique as compare to other schools in that they are empowered with extraordinary energy through 49 days of exposing to nearly 5,000 special symbols and mantras by Grand Master Fu Wei Zhong and the Emei Qigong monks in the monastery. We also have books, CD, and

 DVD that are suitable for beginning students


Jade Buddha Pendant with Beaded Necklace (Limited Supply)


Our jade Buddha pendant with beaded necklace is a wonderful variation of jade Buddha pendant that comes with a red string necklace . This one hangs from an 18-inch necklace of 60 empowered jade beads, making it a lovely piece of jewelry. The jade pendant is a representation of the Budai, a reincarnation of the Buddha Maitreya, also known as the ”Laughing Buddha.”

About the Empowerment Process

While this is truly beautiful jewelry, it is also a powerful self-healing tool. As with all our empowered healing objects, this necklace has undergone the 49-day process of empowerment. This process, performed by Grandmaster Fu and the monks and nuns of the Emei lineage in China, infuses the jade with more than 5,000 ancient symbols and mantras, transforming its natural capability into an extraordinary healing tool. Thus, wearing it can balance internal organs and neutralize low-level energy information that causes deterioration.

newcarnelian.jpgNew! Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace


Our new Empowered Carnelian Bead Necklace is an amazing tool used for healing, protection, making Qigong Water and meditation.

In addition to their ability to heal and protect, these mala necklaces are gorgeous. Carnelian is called "red jade" by the Chinese and carries the same high quality energy information as jade. These malas are jewelry quality and wonderful to wear or to use for meditating with the Universal Mantra. They have a lovely weight, and the beads are smooth and cool as they slip past your fingers.

The necklace has 108 beads plus a head bead with a tassel attached. The beads inherently contain high level pre-birth and post-birth energyand are further enhanced by Grandmaster Fu with 49 days of special empowerment.

The 108 beads signify the 108 different levels of post-birth energy information they contain.

For more detailed information about healing with qigonizeditems, please refer to the Emei Qigong Level I book, Healing Arts of Emei Qigong.

Efficacies and Functions

The empowered objects can:

  • Dispel illness and exorcise evil

  • Eliminate or reduce pain, inflammation, and stasis

  • Circulate blood and energy

  • Strengthen vitality

  • Balance the life energy field and the five elements system within the body

  • Balance the mental state

  • Enhance spirituality

  • Improve the moving program of life

  • Adjust feng shui

  • Increase wisdom and enhance intelligence.

All Emei qigong empowered objects can be used to make empowered water to drink for internal cleansing.

If you drink and use qigong water everyday, you can achieve the following:

  • Eliminate the contamination of tortured souls/energy entities and negative energy information that is already in your body.

  • Reduce or eliminate greed.

  • Decrease pain immediately. Treat all illnesses.

  • Increase your psychological health and reduce the seven emotional disease-causing factors.

  • Improve your physiological health.

  • Strengthen your energy, eliminate exhaustion, and feel energetic.

  • Cleanse the physiological toxins in the body, reduce weight, and preserve youth.

  • Promote the healing of skin diseases if you apply it to the skin. Beautify and rejuvenate the skin if you apply it to the face.

  • Enhance the abilities and powers of mind.



Level 1: Healing Arts of Emei Qigong

This class is 3 days, held over 2 weekends

Class hours:  9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Group healing: Held on Day 2 in the afternoon.  Additional $30 Fee.

Open to family, friends and the public

Level 2: Change the Moving Program of Your Life (Karma)

The first 4 days ($599) will focus on your own Four Pillars chart. The last two days ($299) will focus on methods for attaining this information for others and guiding them through the process.


Level 3: Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Methods

Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Emei Qigong Levels I and II Seminars

10 day workshop, $2400




Distant Healing

Determining Your Balancing Element based on the Hour, Day, Month, and Year you were born

Negative Entity Removal

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